A Pocket Guide to Frogs of Lowland Forests

around Kau, Morox, Ohu, and Wanang Villages of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

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ISBN: 978-80-7394-789-7



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Papua New Guineans have always known their frogs, although the degree of enthusiasm for them varies from tribe to tribe, from place to place. This is reflected by the detail and sophistication of native frog taxonomies, ranging from superficial to highly detailed ones. In many cultures, frogs play their roles in traditional stories. University biologists, on the other hand, have had only a superficial idea of the country’s frog fauna. In 1950, only 100 frog species were known, and even the almost 400 species documented today are far from the final number. New species are being discovered every year in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Chris Dahl and Stephen Richards are two of the world’s fewer than 10 biologists who know Papua New Guinean frogs well. Chris Dahl comes from a village in Madang Province, where he started his career in biology as an enthusiastic naturalist. His passion for biology led him to become a paraecologist and finally a professional biologist studying PNG frogs, trained by Stephen Richards. Chris’s unusual path to science has clearly influenced the format of this book. The book is a perfect inspiration for the next generation of would-be naturalists from Papua New Guinean villages, as it shares the knowledge of frogs, both biological and cultural, in an accessible format.

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